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Accelerating Decarbonization

Whole Systems Energy Consulting is committed to achieving a zero carbon future that minimizes the negative impacts of climate change on people and ecosystems. We support the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the areas of: heating ventilation and air conditioning, domestic hot water systems, building envelope, and energy intensive appliances and equipment. Our work includes research and development in these areas, technology evaluation, and feasibility studies which identify holistic approaches to achieve ambitious carbon reduction goals in new and existing buildings.

We work with clients from government, companies – including technology developers, building / land developers, non-profits, and individuals.

Meet the Team


Hayes Zirnhelt, P.Eng.

Principal Consultant

Hayes is an engineer with a focus on the development and application of emerging technologies. He has extensive experience developing innovative design solutions, leading and carrying out feasibility studies that identify the most cost-effective path to achieve ambitious energy and carbon goals, and serving as a technical reviewer / advisor for technology accelerators.

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Lauren Stanislaw

Consultant and Analyst

Lauren is an applied mathematician with a focus on the development of technologies related to renewable energy. She has worked as a researcher at two of the United States' National Laboratories, and recently received her Master's of Applied Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Victoria.

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Whole Systems Energy Consulting is often looking for highly-motivated, early-career engineers and other technical people to join the team. If you're passionate about decarbonizing the built environment, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to

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